About Us

MyLivePolls is a free platform to create live poll videos on facebook for free.

Think beyond traditional Facebook communication. Go live now and broadcast your content to the largest audience in the world! People love watching video, Facebook favours those who broadcast. Capitalize on the most recent trends of online video consumption and keep ahead of the competition.
Live video is the best way to interact with viewers in real time. Create your own interaction, get your followers engaged in real-time and acquire new ones. Hear your followers, check out their Live Reactions, ask for their votes and run your marketing campaigns in a new, exciting and highly interactive way with Facebook Live posts.

Sukhchain SinghHello i am Sukhchain, I am creator of this platform. Basically i am full-time developer. I have more than 4 years of experience in web developing. MyLivePolls was a personal project for my Facebook page but i thought that other people do need it too. So i created this platform and kept it free for the world. This is the first platform to create live polls on facebook live videos. I update different templates every week, you can also request new templates on our facebook group.